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Signs of cheating spouse/partner

Signs of cheating spouse/partner

Cheating is more common than you ever thought or would like to believe. Cheating or infidelity in a marriage/relationship is extremely hard to survive, even if a couple decides to continue due to children, parents’ society, age, or anything. Love, respect, and trust almost vanish. 

It’s said that marriages are made in heaven and that heavenly thing comes with a huge responsibility. Trust of being faithful is one of the most important value which comes in this bundle of responsibility and it’s not easy to maintain for everybody. Having a cheating spouse can be devastating, especially when you get to know about his/her acts by a friend or somebody known. 

Catching a cheating partner is not very difficult and here we are discussing some facts and signs of cheating partner/spouse.

Phone is always protected and never left unattended. 

Phone is a very private thing as it may contain your financial and personal things but keeping it protected inside the home or always keeping it in your pocket when you are at home doesn’t sound like normal. So if your spouse is guarding his phone a lot or is always carrying it even to the bathroom then there might be something which he/she is trying to hide from you. 

Unplanned outstation trips or unplanned late-night parties.

If your partner is spending too much time outside after work hours or all sudden he starts going on unplanned work trips then it can be an indicator that something is happening outside which you are not aware of and maybe he/she is just doing something out of syllabus. 

Improved look or total image makeover.

A sudden or dramatic change in dressing style or change in wardrobe can be taken as a red flag, especially when you didn’t ask him/her to change or you were not the part of shopping and it’s happening frequently. 

Unexplained expenses. 

If there are frequent shopping expenses, odd charges on credit card, or maybe a hotel room in the same city, these all are easy to catch signs of a cheating spouse. 

Regular hints from friends or known people around.

Maybe your friends, colleagues, or just next door neighbor gave you some hint and you failed to notice it. Always keep your ears open and listen to what others are saying, possibly they noticed a difference or they actually saw something which they are hesitant to say out loud.

Lacking sex life

When you are looking for it and your moves are turned down most of the time. Sometimes it may be due to stress, mental health, or hormones but in most of the cases, it’s because they are already getting enough of it without you. 

These are just a few indicators which can help you to understand the situation better. If you learn that your spouse is cheating on your then just do not sit alone with those feeling, talk to a friend, therapist or contact us and we can help you to get the evidence to confront the cheater. 

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