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Online Reputation Management Basics

Online Reputation Management Basics

Ever since internet came into existence and small businesses started setting up their websites to reach their perspective clients online, reputation management has become an integral part of running a business which just cannot be ignored. Customers have started reading reviews of products, services and companies online before making a purchase decision and even compare products and services. A few or sometimes just one negative review can cost you sales for times to come so it is extremely important to learn to manage such situations and maintain a good online reputation for your business/website.

   Some of you who ignored this aspect of reputation management are sure to have some bad reviews floating around the web because in any business it is impossible to keep 100% of your clients happy. There are bound to be unhappy customers and we will today learn how to minimise the damage caused by unhappy customers or sometimes even your competitors who decided to ruin your reputation by posting fake reviews. Most of our clients come to us with later situation where some competitors start posting negative baseless allegations and such content starts to rank well causing loss of business/sales.

Instead of posting a list of 10 points or 15 points to keep in mind, I am going to write a lengthy explanation about what to do in such situations and even better how to avoid being in such a situation in the first place. Firstly if you have read articles like 10 ways to sure shot reputation management or 15 kind of articles then pease unlearn what you read. What I am going to teach you is complete in itself and you do not need to mix and match what you learn here with some amateurs articles you have read elsewhere.

Avoiding such a mess that we talked about above is the best way to manage online reputation instead of dealing with it later and for that it is necessary to have a massive online presence so anything a perspective client searches for online they get a result that you want and not some competitor.

How do we do that?

Firstly , your own website should rank at number one for your own brand and terms like your brand name or products followed by word “review” or “reviews” and atleast the top 10-12 results that are underneath it needs to be managed at the very least.

  You should build pages on different platforms because that is the easiest way to build online presence as you do not have to do much SEO work as such established platforms rank well without you having to build fresh links but make sure your content is engaging and not over exaggerated. Build blogs on blogspot and wordpress.com and medium and a few other platforms and post some good content and reviews on them. If you build atleast 30 different properties as we call them on different platform and link back to your own website from internal pages from such properties that is all you need to occupy the top search results and manage your online reputation.

If you have questions about this, please feel free to post your comments and I would be happy to explain in complete detail.

Now comes the other side of this story when you already have a mess online that you have not attended to and are looking to minimise the damage that have already happened due to content that other people have posted. This to be honest is a bit tricky one depending upon the kind of keywords relevant to your business and how strong are the pages where it is posted so it would be best if you could fill our contact us form and let the professionals do it for you.

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