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The web world is vast and also it is a scary one, and everyone should know that there is a hacker on the dark web. These kinds of hackers on the dark web can hack your accounts or other sensitive information. So, an ethical hacker will help you if you get into any trouble, and this article will let you know about hiring a hacker to do.  

10 things a hacker to do:

A hacker can perform any kind of activities starting from hacking a social account to draining millions of dollars from an online banking system. But when it comes to the term called hackers, they are not only the one who causes threat and problems to the society. But some hackers will help the organization to find the security holes in an earlier stage, and also will protect the sensitive information.   

The hackers in the dark web will easily get into your account and steal all the sensitive information. These kinds of hackers will have a link in the black market where they will sell all your information. But today’s technology has made everything easy, as you can save your account from hackers by hire a hacker to do and they will support you in protecting the site from a security hole.  

If you have already hired a hacker or looking for a hacker to hire, then here are a few things that you should know about the hacker roles. Also, you can how much the hacker will cost for their work. 

  1. Denial of service

Distributed Denial of service or DDoS is referred to a system attack that targets multiple compromised computer systems. Here the hacker will target the user’s system and the target can be anything whether it will be a website or server or any other network source. The ethical hacker can solve these kinds of issues by installing the protection tool in the system and they will cost $5 for 5 minutes attack. 

  1. Online banking

The hacking of online accounts has become a common thing in today’s world, and if the hacker has drained all the money from your account then you can hire an ethical hacker. But you need to spend 1% to 5% of the money for getting the money into your account. But if your account has a smaller balance, then you need to pay higher fees.  

  1. Transferring of the rewards points

The transferring of rewards points is a kind of hacking where they will be taking credits from someone’s account. This is considered the major issue as the rewards points are considered gold mines to the hackers. The rewards points are a kind of digital money, so it is easy to hack them. Here, the cost of hiring an ethical hacker will depend on the number of points in the account. 

  1. Handling the Instagram

The hacking of social media accounts has become a common problem, and most people have faced unauthorized access to their Instagram account. Even nowadays, it has become easy to access the account, and we can find a lot of applications and tools to access other accounts. But if you are planning to hire a hacker then they will cost around $100 to $150.

  1. Helps in hijacking the corporate mail

The hijacking of corporate mail is possible where the hacker will send any link or message to their phone mails so that they can steal the user name or password or any sensitive information. According to certain reports, the hijacking of corporate mail can become a serious problem if we didn’t hire the hacker at right time. In most cases, they will cost a fee per mailbox. 

  1. Get into the cell phone

The hacking of Android devices is simple and easy, and it doesn’t need a hacker to do that. Certain apps will help you to hack and monitor the other’s phone. They can able to hack all the things like tracing the call, seeing messages, and even tracking your location. But in the list of hiring a hacker to do, the ethical hacker can easily access the phone remotely and can help you to restore your information. But they will cost around $500 to $5,000.  

  1. Hacking the social media

If you have an ethical hacker, then using them you can able to hack the Facebook account but before that, you need to alert the platform. Facebook has certain options that pay the hackers to find the bugs. If you have found any malware attack, then the company will praise you which comes around $500 to $3,000.

  1. Crypting services

If you hire a hacker, then you can use them to offer Crypting Services, and it is a service that is used to find the malware attack. Using this service, it is possible to find a solution that will help the businesses to secure their information, and also make it harder to detect.  

  1. Netflix passwords

It is possible to get the passwords by sending a link to the users or to hack the service by creating an account. It is important to protect your Netflix account as it holds the information of your payment details. So, you can use the hacker to restore the information and protect your account. 

  1. Hacking lessons

The hackers are not only used to protect the network service or to find the malware attack in your organization system but even they can be used to teach hacking lessons. There is a wide scope in the cybersecurity field, so we can use hackers to educate others about hacking. 

Bottom Line:

If you hire a qualified and experienced hacker then they will help you to protect all your data. Even though a hacker will cost a lot, but still it is important to have a hacker as they will prevent exploiting the computer system or network. They will easily identify the flaws in a shorter time, and also improve the protection. 

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